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This is the appeal of Vassen Kauppaymuthoo, oceanographer, engineer and Mauritius’ most prominent marine conservationist. In an interview published yesterday in L’Express, he stated that human activity has already caused extensive, quasi-irreversible damage to the majority of our coastal eco-systems and outlined the following urgent actions:

  • Show the Mauritian public the truth about our devastated lagoons.
  • Reduce the number of tourists that visit Mauritius.
  • Declare all of our lagoons protected wetlands under the Ramsar convention.
  • Reform the environmental protection agencies so that they enforce the law.
  • Develop a long term vision for a sustainable tourist sector instead of short term profit-making.
  • Make political party funding transparent to expose favours given to companies that fund electoral campaigns.
  • Cause so-called environmental NGO’s that depend on government contracts to be true to their missions or lose their privileged status.

We Love Mauritius has independently come to very similar conclusions and we aim to work in close collaboration with Vassen in the future.

If you have not already seen the recent report by Thalassa that Vassen helped with, watch it here (note that we do not necessarily endorse the statements by the MPM at the end):