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[Contributed by Bruno Savrimootoo]

Movement Pavillion Libre (MPL) in collaboration with the Forum Citoyen Libre (FCL) – Georges Ahyan, is strongly opposing the project of enclosing the public green space of Le Pavillion Quatre-Bornes (Next to the Roland Delaitre Swimming Pool) since the works started back on the 10th March following its stop at the end of last year amid continuous protestations including daily symbolic protest marches from members of the public. (See l’Express).

The rationale behind this project of the Municipality of Quatre-Bornes is that access should be restrained at night with respect 1) Security of the persons 2) Security of the material inside the buiding (the dormitory and Hall).

We strongly oppose this view on the basis that this green area similarly to Le Plaza in Rose-Hill or Trou aux Cerf in Curepipe have always been free of access since decades ago – even before independence. 1) Security of the persons have never been an issue – No particular crime reported nor the project sollicitated by inhabitants. 2) The materials inside the domitory and hall include chairs, tables and beds : Though we cannot pronounce ourselves concerning the price of the furniture, we can however suggest that anti theft mechanism (X-panda, alarm system) whereas indulging into a multi-million project that is both more expensive and less efficient (anyone can intrude the gate simply by climbing on a car) but most importantly is an attempt upon the civil freedom of circulation of citizen as well as turning a symbol of greenery of Quatre-Bornes into an eye-sore.

The simple alternative we propose is that in addition to securing the Hall and Dormitory (with regards to the issue of the security of its content raised by the Municipality) is to use the Rs 6 million budget (or what remains) to 1) replace the uprooted Box-Trees of the Municipality (see le Mauricien) and back the fragile plants with a timber enclosure (similar to the ones found around green walk areas such as Van der Meersch walk at Rose-Hill). 2) Use the existing metal chains to control access to vehicles at any time. 3) Make use of the existing security cameras with competent watchmen to assure the security of people as well as providing for lighting and proper maintenance of the green space – There are trees of over a 100 years old that have been attacked by termites and left to be treated.

We are becoming an increasingly active population and darkness occuring at 18 00 should not mean there should be a curfew at that time. This for the reason that unlike previous generations more and more people are increasingly in office until late and without society providing for -or at least preserving the existing green spaces- together with the appropriate lighting and security we can seriously expect our population to become increasingly sedantary – and that would indeed be a heavy security threat to the population.

Our last Public Meeting – out of a series of three – will be held near Le Pavillion Quatre Bornes – corner of Leconte de Lisle Ave and Ollier Ave on Next Friday 03 Juin 2011 at 16 00 you are all warmly invited to show concern if agreeable with the above.