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Aikido means “the Way of harmonious spirit”. It is a Japanese martial art that is performed by blending with the motion of the attacker and redirecting the force of the attack rather than opposing it head-on. Our fight is in defence of human rights, which the Director of Public Prosecutions attacked when he prosecuted the editor of Samedi Plus. If our defensive open letter to the Director of Public Prosecutions had been published in the press then the battle would have taken place before the public domain. But the press has remained silent, most probably still feeling intimated, despite the release from jail of their compatriot on the same day that we invited the President to intervene.

This presented us with both a threat and an opportunity. The threat being that the Directors of We Love Mauritius could be “disappeared” without the public being aware of the political motive. We have turned this threat into an opportunity to counter-attack. Feeling, quite rationally, that his life is threatened, Richard has made a statement to the police at Pointe aux Canonniers station (OB 1741/11). In it he implicated the Cabinet, who, through the Attorney General’s office, have direct influence over the DPP. (In fact the Law Reform Commission, in March 2009, reported that the relationship between the executive and the DPP is unconstitutional) Anyway, the police are now compelled to investigate 😉

It is very likely that the police will be told to cease any investigation. In this event, it will be obvious to all that Mauritius is not a country ruled by law but by the orders of the Leader. And if it is not obvious to all, rest assured that those agencies monitoring such things will be very well aware. This will give us another opportunity to intervene in the Supreme Court, this time against the Commissioner of Police who reports to the person responsible for Home Affairs.

And this is how the game of chess will continue to be played out, until the Leader’s lieutenants decide that it is in their own best interests to mutiny. This will likely be led by a couple of ladies, who bear a grudge against the Prime Minister and who will muster the rest of the Labour Party to expose his crimes. Having removed the Prime Minister, they will then be in a position to offer his job to the leader of another party, most probably Paul Berenger, and Labour and MMM will form a pre-electoral alliance as the President dissolves Parliament and calls for general elections. The MSM may even be included as part of a government of national unity as the country reels under the scandal of grand corruption.

And we will all live happily ever after?