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Re: Complaint against Commissioner of Police, Heydrich Himmler RamperSad.

Dear Mad Hatteea

Am I supposed to be appreciative of your “helping spirit”? Given that the police are a department of government and my complaint was about their dereliction of duty, I am somewhat surprised that you have not made a more convincing pretence of exercising the investigative powers endowed upon you by the Constitution and are abdicating so quickly from your sworn duty. In my judgement you are no longer the Ombudsman. Your parting words imply that my complaint is criminal in nature, so at least you recognise that the police are in gross violation of the law.

Your final advice to address my grievances to the Director of Public Prosecutions is noted. However, since this member of the Boolell Mafia cosa nostra was bcc’ed on my original complaint top you, it has already fallen on deaf ears. It seems he only acts at the arbitrary behest of the Führer and his kangaroo court and not to protect the well being of ordinary citizens or uphold the law. I could enact my threat to privately prosecute the Commissioner of Police but since the DPP has the power to stop this, it hardly seems worth it does it? [Of course Mr DPP, should you wish to repent, now would be an opportune moment don’t you think?]

It has become clear that the Constitutional checks and balances of Mauritian democracy have been infiltrated by the local mutant macaques – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil – permitting the orangutan Master de Baie-Terre – DO ALL EVIL – to act with impunity. Therefore, I am taking the only course of action left open to me and calling upon Vishnu to incarnate as Kalki, the Final Avatar, and destroy the demonic horde that you seem so terrified of. May He annihilate the evil of irregular freemasonry that has infested the Divine Island like the plague of rats that preceded it.

Please inform the vipSSu that any attempt dispose of me in the same manner as the suicide bummer will be met with irresistible Farce.

God save the Republic! Insha’Allah.

Dr Rishi-Rich-Rashid Munisamy
NOT the 3 R’s of “Sustainability”?

[Note to editors: Dr Munisamy is an Abehda Darvidian “Hindu” by descent, a Gnostic “Christian” by up-bringing, a Sufi “Muslim” by conversion and a Zen “Buddhist” by practice, hence the four names he uses. He also uses the name Ricardo but only when seducing the ladies with his characteristic Italian panache. In fact, with long hair and a goatee, he is often mistaken for David, the Sicilian anti-Mafia manager the boîte de nuit “Les Enfants Terribles”. This is a funny coincidence because his brother is also called David. “NOT” is the name he prefers in court because it permits the following dialogue:

Judge: Is your name Dr Richard Luke Munisamy?
Dr Mu: No it is NOT your honour!
Judge: Then what is it?
Dr Mu: I told you it is NOT your honour.
Judge; You have not told me anything.
Dr Mu: I am telling you.
Judge: You are not!
Dr Mu: There, you just said it.
Judge: Said what?
Dr Mu: What my name is?
Judge: Oh no I did not!
Dr Mu: Oh yes you did.
Judge: What? Your name is Dr Richard Luke Munisamy is it not?
Dr Mu: No and yes your honour!
Judge: What do you mean “No and yes”?
Dr Mu: Actually it isn’t so back and white.
Judge: That is not logical!
Dr Mu: No, your honour, it is fuzzy logical.
Judge: Dr Richard Luke Munisamy, you are in contempt of court!
Dr Mu: No I AM NOT your honour! You are simply choosing not to listen! (Hear no evil 😉

In the Hindu pantheon, Lord Vishnu is the God of Preservation and any correlation with the word “Sustainability” is purely coincidental. In this world you can be certain of nothing except that Dr Munisamy is NOT the Tenth Avatar! Will you crown him the Mauritian King (of Comedy)? Of course, if you do not appreciate his sense of humour, you may conclude he is simply a harmless schizophrenic! ]

On 29 November 2011 15:00, Registry wrote:
Dr. Richard Munisamy


Will you please refer to your email dated 25 November 2011.

My Office acknowledged receipt of same on the same day.

Although criminal matters do not fall to be considered by our Office, in a helping spirit I queried the Commissioner of Police about your complaint on 28 November 2011 and required prompt action on his part.

On that day you phoned our Office in order to inform us that you had received another threat the day before and you were informed that we had taken up the matter with the Commissioner of Police.

We are now in receipt of your email dated 28 November 2011 in which you state that you have “absolutely no confidence in the police to protect me”.

May I, in the circumstances and following your request, inform you that you can address your grievance to the Director of Public Prosecutions.


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