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SCR No. 3/3/10 – 7894


In the matter of:






I, Dr Richard Luke MUNISAMY, aged 43,


  1. I am a Mauritian Citizen as per the Constitution of Mauritius.
  2. As a founding Director of the registered charitable institution WeLuvMu, and in my own right as an individual, I am irrevocably committed to the realisation of an ecologically sustainable society in Mauritius. My interventions in this regard have been both prolific and diverse. For example, I was asked to participate in the Working Groups for the Prime Minister’s Maurice Ile(s) Durable(s) (MID) initiative. One my contributions was to develop a roadmap to energy self-sufficiency which is freely available on the internet. My primary mission is to develop a national strategy for sustainability and a process for managing the transition, including the identification and elimination of any barriers to change.
  3. Since the conclusion of the Working Groups there has been no material progress in the MID initiative. Hence, WeLuvMu has been seeking to establish a team of local experts supported by international consultants to carry the project forward and re-energise the transition to Sustainable Mauritius. Tentative enquiries have indicated that the likelihood of political and hence financial support for this within the Government and its parastatal entities would be low. This confirmed my suspicions of 2010 that second biggest obstacle to realising Sustainable Mauritius is the political elite class, which appears to have undue influence over the judicial process via occult, irregular Freemasonry.
  4. It is sad to observe that the greatest barrier to change is the mentality of the average Mauritian. When I left Mauritius after cyclone Claudette on the eve of 1980, the culture of Mauritius was one of communal harmony, mutual support, self-sufficiency and the four R’s of sustainability: Reduce, Reuse, Repair and Recycle. Indeed, I vividly remember eating fruit and vegetables directly from the garden, where chickens freely roamed and laid eggs that we collected for breakfast. We received milk every morning, still warm from the cow in bottles that were washed and returned.
  5. My grandmother’s house in Triolet became a refuge for those who did not have a concrete shelter when cyclone Claudette devastated the main island. In its aftermath, I remember that the electricity and water supplies were severely disrupted. However, we somehow managed and I remember collecting and using the water that accumulated on the flat roof of the house. With great sadness, I observed the shock of those whose iron sheet housing had been totally destroyed and with amazement how they were helped by those whose possessions had been protected within solid walls.
  6. Today, most of us live in concrete buildings that are infinitely stronger than those cobbled together with iron sheets in the 1960’s and 70’s. However, our social resilience is a fraction of what it was. Similarly, our capacity to cope with the devastation of cyclones and the hardships of their aftermath has been decimated. The spirit of community, harmony and mutual assistance has been replaced by one of individuality, discord and mutual distrust bordering on hatred in the case of neighbours of different religions and political affiliations.
  7. As for the environment, I remember swimming in front of Trou aux Biches hotel with the most beautifully coloured fish. Baby blue-spotted sting rays were a regular sight as were tiny moray eels hiding in coral patches. However, I also remember the waste water outflow pipe that led from the beach straight out to the fringing reef and the security guards who only permitted access to friends and family. Today the sewerage is treated on-site and anyone can walk along the beach. However, the coral patches have been erased and the diversity of life all but eliminated. It’s a deplorable case of too little too late.
  8. In summary, the lagoons surrounding our once idyllic isle are a mirror of the soul of our society. They have been transformed from a vibrant, diverse yet harmonious paradise into a well-kept cemetery. On the surface, all seems in order, but below everything is dead and rotting. Who knows what would happen if the buried skeletons again saw the light of day and if the spirits of the unjustly slain rose like vengeful zombies demanding the blood of their murderers? Do not be afraid, be very afraid because the social fabric would be lacerated into a thousand pieces and our island would descend into a war-torn hell.
  9. Such a scenario, I am determinedly seeking to avoid. To achieve this it is necessary to remove the cancer from our collective body that has destroyed our health and disturbed our balance. Because this cancer is so pervasive, it is a life-or-death surgical operation. The patient is mostly asleep but the anaesthetic will soon wear off and there is every likelihood that the afflicted will turn on their Doctor. Such can be the fate of those who have sworn to their God, like faithful servants of old, to complete their mission or die trying. Some succeed, while others fail, yet all are regarded by posterity as heroes.
  10. In this Spirit, I sought to use legal means to eliminate all political parties from participating in the elections for the National Assembly in 2010. To my astonishment, I discovered that this is no longer a country where law and order reign. It seems they have been systematically replaced by the law of the jungle and both the judiciary and the police follow the orders of occult forces and demonic voice of their own self-interest. Moreover, it appears that the tentacles of this evil reach right to the capstone of the legal pyramid, to the hearts and minds of the Lords of the Law. Will they turn from the Dark Side when the Light of the Spirit of the Law blazes forth in their midst? Will they repent and experience the relief of forgiveness and laughter or be inflamed with anger and spontaneously combust? As above, so below.
  11. Clearly my journey is far from complete. Neither is it clear to me what path it will take until I arrive at each fork and cross-roads. And this is how I became embroiled in this superficially ludicrous matter of Boodhoo versus the State.
  12. One Shanar Ojeerally, a remote internet acquaintance and source of intelligence, directed my attention to Good Bhai Harish. By bizarre coincidence he had appointed the incarnate Judases of the legal profession, namely my ex-lawyer Kaviraj Bokhoree and the betrayer of heroes, Rama Valayden. On Friday 16th of December, I responded to being summoned to ICAC to expand on my complain against the President. After receiving guidance on the best way to present it bearing in mind the President’s outrageous immunity from prosecution, I found myself with time on my hands and so called Bokhoree. He was in his office and invited me to join him. I arrived at approximately 15:40 and proceeded to inform the self-agrandising double-agent of the details of my mission.
  13. He suggested I stay to meed Boodhoo who arrived at 16:00. Apparently Valayden had pulled his usual stunt and gone AWOL. With the same insight but with different motives, both Bokhoree and I suggested to Boodhoo that he was in the privileged position of being able to become the next head of state. In his distress at Valayden’s treachery, the seed feel on stony ground. Therefore, I summarised for him the probable next steps on my journey, making the assumption that we share the same objectives. To my surprise he announced that he would oppose me every step of the way in defence of the Prime Minister. How ironic is it that Boodhoo, the author of the lie that the PM must be Vaish, would want to defend an incumbent who has a rather sensational secret to hide in the MGI? Whose father was born Ravi Ved?
  14. Confused as to where his historically vacillating loyalties now lay, I asked Boodhoo about the President. In fact, I asked if he accepted that the supposed defender of the Constitution was utterly corrupt. He quietly affirmed this in a manner that showed his allegiance still lay with the cunning old fox. I also asked him about the details of this present matter and his motives for appealing to the JCotPC. He replied that he disagreed with the manner in which the Public Gathering Act 1991 was being applied in his case. I enquired whether it might not be a better idea to ask the Law Lords to strike down this evil legislation that is anathema to modern day human rights. He refused. I also asked him who would fund his appeal and he replied opaquely that he had supporters.
  15. At this point Bokhoree led me outside and explained that he was concerned about the mental state of his client and asked me to help. I could but only concur that Boodhoo seemed out of his mind and on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I asked what was the magnitude of the fine for the offence with which he had been convicted. When Bokhoree announced that it was a mere Rs.10,000 it seemed like a trivial sum compared to the stress and exorbitant cost of seeking justice from the Privy Council. I asked him why he did not pay it on his client’s behalf and he replied that he would if he had the time and pleaded with me to do so in his stead.
  16. We then argued about who would foot the bill. It was agreed that I would pay in return for a priceless piece of theatre that would proceed as follows:
    1. At the end of the hearing the following Monday, the Judge would order the arrest of Boodhoo.
    2. I would then stand up to intercede in his defence.
    3. The Judge would announce that I was in contempt of Court.
    4. I would respond that he was in contempt of the Law while revealing the receipt for the paid fine.
    5. On the steps of the Supreme Court, the Matinal newspaper would photograph the happy conclusion of this drama: the victorious three musketeers who had succeeded in both revealing and escaping the injustice that seems rife in our land.
  17. It is worth noting that I have been manifestly black-listed by the public and private media companies of Mauritius. It seems that they are under strict instructions from occult forces to give my legal interventions no publicity whatsoever. Apparently, they fear that my rising popularity as a champion for human rights will be their certain downfall. Perhaps they are right. Since this was a golden opportunity to raise pubic awareness about my crusade, I agreed to play my part, while Bokhoree would arrange the media and handle any fall out from Boodhoo provided that I tell no one of his own role. We shook hands and I left.
  18. Many things can happen between a Friday afternoon and a Monday morning, and in retrospect it seems that in this case the occult forces were rather busy.
  19. On Monday morning, I made my way to the District Court of Port Louis but realised that I had forgotten both the paper with the case number and Bokhoree’s business card to demonstrate that I was acting on his instructions. My sms to Boodhoo’s double-crossing lawyer was in vain and at 09:50, my phone call to him was hurriedly cut short after he instructed me to proceed as planned and then join him in court one with a copy of the receipt. And so I did.
  20. To my surprise, I found him on the steps of the court building some 20 minutes later. This was exactly where I had been first introduced to him in April 2010 by my unscrupulous uncle, known to me as Baby Reddi. Although the coincidence is almost impossible to believe, he was one of the main exploiters of the sale-by-levy fiasco and an arch-enemy of the very people on behalf of whom Boodhoo was advocating. It was his demonstration to maintain awareness of their plight that led to him being arrested, charged and found guilty in this current matter.
  21. Once within range, Bokhoree pulled a lethal weapon from his inside jacket pocket and brandished it menacingly in front of me. I immediately provided him with the copy of the receipt on which I had written a short note, folded and inscribed his name on the outside with an almost ink-less ballpoint pen that left deep indentations. He warned me to keep my mouth closed about his complicity in paying Boodhoo’s fine and instructed me to rejoin him at midday.
  22. I then proceeded to the Data Protection Office and met with one Mr H. Bhugowon and one Mr. P. Dookee as pre-arranged. The meeting was ostensibly to discuss progress on a complaint that I made after the elections last year on a matter that it is extremely politically sensitive to the point of being incendiary. Once that was complete, I explained how I saw the rest of my mission evolving and about the case of Boodhoo. I trust that they will verify my version should you enquire of them.
  23. At the appointed hour, I called Bokhoree who was by then in his office. Clearly the photo opportunity had been completely missed. This was more than annoying as I had dressed up especially for it and so had spent the morning walking around Port Louis dressed as a guru. In India and even the spiritual park at Pointe Lascars, this would have induced displays of respect and affection. In the godforsaken streets of Port Louis, people looked at me like I was insane. It was now obvious that I had been double-crossed.
  24. I entered Bokhoree’s inner sanctum and immediately felt threatened by several large men who I assumed to be Boodhoo’s bodyguards, perhaps from the Voice of Hindu. The meeting itself had a sinister feel. Bokhoree himself hurried me outside, repeated his warning to keep silent and told me to wait outside. Fearful for my safety, I left for Pope Hennessy police station to make a declaration. As a master chess player, I am certain that Bokhoree would have anticipated this move.
  25. At the police station, the desk officer refused to take a declaration and instead insisted that I return to Bokhoree’s office with him. When I told him about the bodyguards and the concealed weapon, he located three other officers who armed themselves and took me outside. Initially, I led the way but when I turned around they had stopped some 20 metres behind me and one appeared to hurriedly conceal a phone. Suspicious, I told them I would follow them and reminded them about Bokhoree’s concealed weapon.
  26. Once at the office, I was told to wait in the corridor. Most astonishingly, the three officers waited patiently outside the office as well. It seemed that they were expected and were deferring to some mysterious authority rather than following their training to protect life and property. After several minutes they were invited in.
  27. They emerged some ten minutes later and advised me that Bokhoree had given a completely different account of events and that I should return with them to the station to make a declaration. When I asked about the weapon, they said they had no right to search for it until after I had made a declaration. I knew this to be false but went along with it.
  28. At the police station I went straight to the Inspector and explained what had happened, making a formal complaint against the desk officer and the other three. After listening to me he called them into his office. At this point Boodhoo arrived looking furious. Feeling in an extremely vulnerable position I called DCP Beekhun on his mobile phone to come to my aid but he failed to take the call and to this date has not called me back.
  29. Therefore, I called one of my associates who has political connections. We had previously spoken about going to Line Barracks to update my statement to CID in response to the ongoing threats to my life and safety by Jameel Peerally and his gang of thugs. He had warned me that, while CP Rampersad remains in office, even if he accompanied me, he could not guarantee my safety and asked me if I knew what happened to Kaya. Of course I did as I was in Mauritius at that time. The world is still waiting to know the truth and for justice to be done. Although most have forgotten and allowed it to be brushed under the carpet of time, the few know he will rise again like a phoenix from the ashes of 1999 and his beautiful songs will resonate once more within the hearts of the population. The hearts of his people will reverberate with joy, while those of his tormentors will tremble with fear.
  30. My friend discerned that I was in a carefully laid trap and advised me to escape, make a declaration to ICAC and seek the company of my kind who could protect me. I did as instructed and met Dushy, son of Rajen Sabapathee, later that afternoon. That evening I also met with the Rajen, son of Renganaden Seeneevassen. I went to sleep that night, thanking the Shekinah for Illuminating the Path, secure in the knowledge that if anything happens to me, She will inspire the Dravidian community to rise up and call the guilty to account.

Drawn up and sworn by the above named deponent at his own home, this 21st day of December 2012, witnessed by the Divine and, via the internet, the characters of this world.

Digitally signed by:

Richard Luke Munisamy

Doctor of Philosophy

Creative Director

of WeLuvMu

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