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Two objectives:

Pay for public services
Redistribute wealth

Discourage unsustainable behaviour


  1. Eliminate corporation tax
  2. At source tax on income (including company benefits – cars, share options, but excluding dividends, capital gains, interest) – self-assessment for low incomes (rebate), high incomes (additional contribution – fat cat – necessary?) and self-employed (including moon-lighting public sector workers)
  3. Eliminate VAT
  4. At source tax on dividends
  5. At source  tax on capital gains (including share sales, but not for IPOs)
  6. At source tax on interest (including interest charged by banksters)
  7. Regional property tax – excluding registered residence
  8. Sustainability import duty (depends on type of item, efficiency – if machinery, local substitutes, etc)
  9. Sustainability operation tax (resource extraction, CO2 emissions, pollution, “waste” etc)
  10. All business activities must be registered (excluding self-employed)
  11. Strict penalties for non-compliance (eliminate grey economy)


4 & 5 would kill the offshore unless they were exempt or tax was low, but it would provide a one-off windfall tax 😉