Behold the confessions of a political assassin. Read them if you dare.

On 29th December 2011, the front page of le Mauricien led with the article: “FRAUDE ET CORRUPTION: Casse-tête chinois de fin d’année pour l’ICAC”, which translates: ”FRAUD AND CORRUPTION: End of year Chinese puzzle for ICAC”. That year had been a particularly busy one for the anti-corruption agency. It was losing all semblance of independence and becoming what it is today: the weapon of choice for a Prime Minister to politically assassinate his rivals.

A year earlier, on 23rd December 2010, then Minister of Finance, Mr Jugnauth junior signed a cheque that benefited his family and friends to the tune of Rs.144.7 million. This was for the over-priced purchase of the MedPoint Clinic, which still has no defined purpose, and was accelerated to avoid additional taxes that were due come into force in the New Year. Accomplice and Prime Minister at the time, Mr Ramgoolam junior, subsequently played the ace of spades, embroiling his opponent in the internationally reported corruption “scandal of the century”. This latest revelation had the potential to become even more shameful.

I am the person named in the article who gave ICAC its “complex” challenge and, since i was given no opportunity to comment on the contents of the article before publication, i claim the right to reply to it. As Mauritian politics slides from the sublime to the ridiculous, i now feel compelled to join the game of thrones and try to win the round by playing the joker. Here is my never ending story…

After my mother died in 1991, my father fulfilled his destiny, albeit in the wrong place, and made his mark in British politics as a member of the Liberal Democrat Party. He solicited the support of all ethnic minorities, especially those of Afro-Caribbean descent, to become the first “Black” City Councillor in Gloucester in 1995 and it’s first “Black” candidate for Parliament in 1997. In true Mauritian style, he switched allegiances in 2001 to the Labour Party to support successful Parliamentary candidate Parmjit Danda, who later became the UK’s first minister of Indian Origin.

When Paddy Ashdown, leader of the Liberal Democrat Party, visited Mauritius in 1998/9, the British High Commission hosted a reception for him. My father attended and became acquainted with Mr Jugnauth senior, the second and final Mauritian member of the Queen’s Privy Council. Incidentally, Jugnauth senior purposefully denied this title and privilege to subsequent Mauritian leaders when he removed the Queen as Head of State in 1992, thrusting Mauritius from its enviable pedestal as the star of the Commonwealth onto the slippery slope of becoming just another banana Republic.  After he regained the Premiership of our country, my father met with him again and gifted him written material on the subject of proportional representation, thus securing favours for the future.

In 2001, i visited Mauritius on holiday and on November 12, made an application for Registration as a Citizen. After 5 months, the application was rejected on the grounds that i had “not stayed continuously for a period of 3 years in Mauritius prior to [my] application”. As a U.K. citizen, i did not think to question the legitimacy of this decision. I assumed that all civil servants knew the laws that they are paid to implement and do so promptly without seeking favour or gratification.

However, subsequent experience and research has revealed this to not be the case. The decision to reject my application was illegal and unconstitutional. Either the person who signed the letter informing me was incompetent or they were complicit in a scam, most likely perpetrated by the Jugnauth clan and/or obscure occult powers lurking within the bowels of the Prime Minister’s office, to extract gratification in return for granting applications like mine.

During the period from approximately September 2002 to November 2004, i resided in Mauritius for the purpose of being with my Grandmother during the last period of her life. In order to remain in Mauritius, it was necessary to set up a company and obtain both work and residence permits, which i did. Towards the end of February 2004, it became obvious that my grandmother was close to death and i pleaded with my father to come from the UK to be by her side. She died in his arms a few days later on the 29th of February 2004. After the funeral, he returned to the UK.

Around Easter 2004, my father came back to Mauritius and asked me to drive him to State House in Reduit and provide him with a copy of my application to be registered as a Citizen. I drove him there and waited for him in the gardens of the Chateau while he met Jugnauth senior, who was by then the President. I believe my father gave him a copy of my application for Registration as a Citizen of Mauritius at this time.

In November 2004, i received an unsolicited phone call from a person unknown to me, but who seemed well informed about me. Intrigued, i met with him on 21st November 2004 at his residence in Floreal. During this meeting, he stated that he was related to the Jugnauth family and asked me about the status of my application. I will, therefore, refer to him as a “possible intermediary”. He recommended i pay him Rs.200,000 for “IT services”, which i did because i needed a professional website in order to market IRS properties to persons of high net worth in India.


On the day before i left for India, in the last week of November 2004, this possible intermediary strongly encouraged me to reapply to be registered as a Citizen of Mauritius. Doubtful of its success, but with nothing to lose, I did this on my way to the airport the next day. For reasons beyond my control, i was not able to return to Mauritius for a year. However, when i did so, i discovered that my application had been accepted within one month and that the letter confirming this was dated 24th December 2004, i.e. Christmas Eve. Contrary to normal practice, the letter had not been sent by registered post. I believe it had been hand delivered, most likely in time for Christmas.


Unaware of the letter waiting for me in Mauritius, i made a complaint against the possible intermediary to the web hosting company, for which he turned out to be merely an affiliate marketer. He threatened me with prosecution for defamation and demanded an additional Rs.150,000 for services rendered. I refused to pay.

The reason i did not report the matter to ICAC sooner was obviously because i did not want to incriminate my father or provoke the wrath of the Jugnauth clan and the obscure occult powers lurking within the bowels of the Prime Minister’s Office. However, by the end of 2011, it had become clear to me that the Jugnauth clan considered their political role in the Republic of Mauritius, not as a solemn privilege to serve the commonwealth of the nation, but as a business opportunity to enrich themselves at public expense. Therefore, i felt compelled to act.

According to the article, ICAC would initially confirm that my statement did not fall into the category of “mere wild allegations”. They would then seek to establish whether there was indeed a “missing link” between the possible intermediary and the Jugnauth clan. However, to my knowledge, absolutely no investigation has been conducted despite the compelling prima facie evidence i presented to ICAC. A few years ago, i serendipitously met the possible intermediary and he gave no indication that ICAC had questioned him about the matter.

Less than two years later, i was arrested, charged and prosecuted for a crime that does not even exist in Mauritian, British, French or indeed any other law that i have come across on this planet. The confiscation of my passport, accompanying a prohibition to travel, along with the possibility of being sentenced to a maximum term of 10 years imprisonment by a kangaroo court, made me realise that, despite the pretensions of the economic elite to be European and the political class to be exemplary, Mauritius is indeed, below a thin veneer of respectability, little better the worst of continental Africa. My attempts to seek an explanation from the DPP have fallen on deaf ears and subsequent complaints have revealed a systematic conspiracy of silence that includes the highest offices of state: the puppet President and the Chief in Justice.

The naked truth beneath the new Emperor’s clothes of populist propaganda and puerile pet projects has already been exposed within the pages of le Mauricien, but to no effect. Therefore, i feel compelled to declare a war of words against the Empire State and call upon every sound-minded citizen to emulate Gandhi and engage in coordinated acts of peaceful non-cooperation until Jugnauth junior abdicates. Hopefully patriotic Mauritians both at home and within our widespread diaspora will respond to the rallying cry to defend our precious Republic from the Dark Forces that seek to subvert it.

Have no fear, i do not wish to have the crown placed on my head. I do not want to be king or even a kingmaker – i am a king breaker. However, i will support the Rezistans and independent candidates, especially young women, who are determined to bring meaningful change to this country. Once they dominate parliament i will encourage them to amend the Constitution to ensure kings never arise again.

While i will support the Rezistans, i will neither join it, nor expect anyone to join me. I am no “Jedi” white knight, but rather a black swan. I have learned the power of the Dark Side from my father, although i will endeavour to use it for good. Those in the Light will despise my methods, those in the Dark will fear my results. No matter. I am a Light-hearted “Lord of the Sith”; i always look on the bright side of life. It’s my life – the life of Richard – forever young.

I have a dream.