Citizen journalist, Dr Richard L Munisamy, will be arrested around the beginning of August and held in custody with no chance of bail. His “crime” was to try to protect the university students of Chiang Mai, Thailand from an international sex cult involved in pornography and human-trafficking. Instead of heeding his warnings, Mueang Chiang Mai Police have sided with the sex cult and entered multiple charges of defamation against him after he posted an innocuous question in a FaceBook group (now deleted). It was about a company called Mahasiddha, the local branch of the sex cult, who supposedly teach “esoteric” Tantra Yoga. Advanced progress is dependent on personal “initiation” of a sexual nature with their “Guru” or one of his representatives.

Why are we convinced that Richard will not be released on bail? Because he made a complaint against the investigating officer for repeatedly attempting to coerce him to sign a confession while in hospital suffering from Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever. The Legal Advisory Centre at Chiang Mai University have suggested that the investigating officer may have committed two offences under the Thai Criminal Code: (148) Using Official Powers to Coerce Another and (157) Wrongful Exercise of Duties. No action has been taken against the officer and he is still responsible for the case.

Here is the confession drawn up by Mahasiddha’s lawyer:

Why are we concerned about Richard’s potential detention? Because he suffers from a life-threatening chronic illness that requires treatment with expensive medications and the avoidance of stress. Neither seem likely in a Thai prison.

Why would the investigating officer risk his career to silence Richard? We can only guess, but, following a humiliating ejection from a Mahasiddha retreat, Richard began researching the company, its umbrella organisation, ATMAN, and its “spiritual mentor and yoga teacher”, Gregorian Bivolaru. Bivolaru is on Europol’s Most Wanted list for paedophilia and human trafficking in both Finland and France. Indeed, he was convicted of the former in his home country, Romania and served several years in prison.

ATMAN, posing as a yoga federation, is the new name of Bivolaru’s previous organisation, MISA, after it was expelled from the International Yoga Federation for malpractice. Mahasiddha’s sister school in Finland has been the subject of a damning TV documentary. Another attracted scathing criticism from the India Times preventing it being established in Tamil Nadu. There has been criticism of sister schools in the USA and Europe, the latter revealing that Bivolaru seeks to have sex with 1000 virgins in the belief that this will raise him to a higher spiritual level.

What is Mahasiddha trying to conceal? Might it be that Bivolaru is hiding out in Thailand? It has very porous borders in the north near Chiang Mai making entry and exit easy. Thailand has no extradition treaties with Finland, France or Romania. If Bivolaru is still seeking to have sex with 1000 virgins, Chiang Mai is an ideal city with its numerous universities that Mahasiddha is planning to reach out to. Finally, all three of Mahasiddha’s teachers are intimately connected to him.

Richard has reported his findings and sent numerous emails to the British High Commission, including the complaint against the investigating officer. Their only and unbelievably incoherent reply to date came on July 12:

Dear Dr Munisamy,

Thank you for your email to Consular enquiries dated 07/07/2018.

We are very sorry to hear about your hospitalisation. In regards to your enquiry, as per our previous advice and List of lawyers given to you, have a legal representative been appointed to represent you in this matter?

If not, we strongly encourage you to, especially in this particular stage where you need the time to recover to your best health.

You would remember you have included some information about activities in Chiang Mai, please be informed that those information have been passed to Lastly, we have forwarded your reports to the appropriate authorities

We wish you a speedy recovery.

Kind regards,

Consular team

Richard has visited the British Embassy, the Finish Embassy, the Tourist Police, the Immigration Police, the Bangkok Post and the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Some of these conversations were recorded and can be found on his FaceBook page, He has also sent emails to the Police Complaints bureau, Thai Anti-Human Trafficking Action, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the British Foreign Secretary, James Hunt.

So far no response from anyone.

Richard tried to rearrange the date of the of the summons because the stress was making him sufficiently unwell that he felt he needed to seek treatment at a hospital. When the investigating officer would not accept his messages or calls, Richard asked his lawyer to inform the police and arrange another meeting. He was shocked to receive the reply “Sorry, I’m not the appointed lawyer  yet, I can’t.” After two more summons, an arrest warrant will be issued.

What follows is the email that Richard sent to the Bangkok Post.

[Thank you for your attention – the team at We Love Mauritius]


“Royal Thai Police Force Protecting International Human-Trafficking Organisation”

Dear Colleagues

I know this sounds unbelievably sensational. Nonetheless it is true.

I am a blogger based in Mauritius and currently on holiday in Thailand. My Facebook page has 27,000 followers:

Kindly take note of the email below that I have just sent to the British High Commission who will confirm the veracity of this story.

Here is the certificate from the hospital. They can confirm that I was visited by the Mueang Chiang Mai Police twice while I was in hospital (see contact person below).

Attached is the report about
the international human-trafficking organisation that I have supplied to the Immigration Police and Thai Anti-Human Trafficking Action

It is also POSSIBLE that I have audio recordings of my meetings with Mueang Chiang Mai Police, Immigration Police and Tourist Police. I am not sure if it was legal to make them without seeking consent so if it was not then they do not exist.

Others who can confirm my story:

Consular Services of the British High Commission: 02 305 8333
My Lawyer: Mr Oh 086 4293063
Translator at Immigration Police: Mr Sakarin 094 145 3617
Translator at Tourist Police: Mr Opal (I think)
Investigating Officer at a Mueang Chiang Mai Police Station: Peerawat Boontaem
International Marketing Manager at CMC Hospital: 085 1670005

I am now going to try to travel incognito (TM30 apart), therefore my cell number may be off so that my location cannot be so easily traced. Obviously I am afraid for my personal safety. Please only contact me in writing by email or Line (ID: dr-mu)

Feel free to use my any of profile photos on Facebook

You can reference my bio here:

and here:


Dr Richard L Munisamy

0623 070 231

Adherent of Reporters Without Borders

The report is accessed from Google docs using the link below (select “Print version” to get formatting with page numbers)

Report on Mahasiddha and ATMAN including pornography, under-age sex and human-trafficking.