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The latest meeting of the UN’s Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) has rejected Monaco’s proposal to ban the trade in bluefin tuna. Scientists say that over-fishing is pushing stocks of this iconic fish to the brink of collapse. Most disconcerting is the growing consensus that marine animals should not be regulated by CITES. Read more

We Love Mauritius screened the film “The End of the Line” last year to highlight the results of the unsustainable extraction of fish from our oceans. At current rates, some predict that stocks of all large fish will be in a state of collapse by 2050. We asked the British High Commission to help us put on more screenings, as one of the main conclusions of the film is that we need to create a vast network of Marine Protected Areas. They declined, which raises questions about the real motivation of Britain turning the Chagos Archipelago into a Marine Park.