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Once upon a time there was a Mighty King. So-called because he might have been the King of Kings, but for a weakness in his heart. To compensate for his weak heart, he had a powerful and remorseless army. Using great cunning, his army slowly took over the vast realm of a beautiful Queen. After the conquest, the King surveyed his new acquisition and found a priceless diamond which became the jewel in his crown.

The army had stripped the Queen of all her dignity but allowed her some measure of freedom. When the King’s eyes first fell upon her naked beauty, he was filled with lust and raped her. In shame, she hid herself from public view and, in the fullness of time, she gave birth to twins: a girl and a boy.

A wise advisor to the Queen realised that King would surely kill the boy as soon as he learned about him. Following the example of the gods, it was the custom of the kingdom that when the son of a king was sufficiently mature, the people would slay the old king and crown the son. So, secretly, he took the boy with him, by ship, to the very homeland of the King. There he met the King’s brother, who took the boy into his protection, hoping to use him one day to usurp his older brother’s throne.

The girl, meanwhile, was banished to some lonely islands, far from the realms of both the King and the Queen. As a princess, she had the right to rule the islands, but not until she was eighteen, so the King appointed a godfather to rule in her place. To begin with, all was well, but the godfather did not move with the times and the people of the islands became impatient for the princess to take over. So he imprisoned the princess and decreed that he and his heirs would rule in her place forever.

The people were aghast and two champions rose up to defend her. They defeated the godfather and went to free the princess. They found her, as her father had found her mother, stripped of her dignity. Sometimes, history has a strange habit of repeating itself and the two champions, filled with lust, raped the princess and made her pregnant. To cover their sin, they blamed the rape on the godfather and kept the princess in prison, declaring that she had gone insane.

In due time, the princess gave birth to a daughter of her own. Immediately, the champions killed the princess and crowned the baby girl. Then they proclaimed themselves joint godfathers and started to rule for her, as was the custom. However, they soon fell out and from that time there was a perpetual feud between the families of the three godfathers over who would rule for the princess.

Back in the land of the King, the King’s brother died before he had the chance to hatch his plot. His wife, who had no children of her own, took the boy into her heart. She had him educated by the world’s best teachers: in literature and fine arts as well as the sciences and military strategy. The boy was an avid learner, excelling at everything, his true love being philosophy. But he remained down to earth. Unaware of his princely status, he spent his free time playing with the children of the household servants.

In the fullness of time, the wise advisor came to visit the secret prince and told him the history of his birth and about his twin sister. Overjoyed to learn the news, the secret prince flew directly to the islands. What he discovered made his royal blood boil. His sister had been murdered and his niece was in a terrible state. Her education had been totally neglected and each godfather had abused her in turn, whenever he gained the upper hand. The secret prince did what he could to help her without revealing his true identity, waiting for an opportune time to make his move…