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We Love Mauritius has declared war on the Mauritian Political Mafia.

2010, May the Fourth


The campaign was initiated by Dr Richard L Munisamy, who has been completely open about his objectives from the start. Its evolution has been published on an international news site (here is the original version with references). Starting about two weeks before the general elections, “Dr Mu” made a series of applications to the Supreme Court. Initially, his aim was to have Mauritian political parties regulated in the same manner that occurs in mature democracies. As he was rebuffed by a series of increasingly bizarre procedural objections, he began to suspect that the judiciary itself was complicit in protecting political parties’ Mafia-like existence. Once this became obvious, We Love Mauritius took up arms and threw our full force behind the crusade to call the Mauritian Political Mafia and their pervasive secret society to account.

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