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It’s not me saying it. It’s the believers in the Burning Bushes on the other side of the world. I simply pointed out that they had committed the ultimate transgression. The gates of hell have been loosed. What if the oil reservoir is larger than first thought and cannot be resealed? Much of the oil released from the Deepwater (Event) Horizon will be carried ashore. However, some will continue to circulate within the oceans and become trapped in gyres. This could possibly even impact Mauritius because we are situated right in the middle of one.

At the end of the age where is the profit in being a prophet? But if you want my advice, with all the oil tankers traversing the Indian Ocean, we should make a call to the Enternational Rescue Team (they are Scottish – that’s how they pronounce it). They would tell us to be prepared to deploy booms around our islands to protect our coral reefs in the event of a major oil spill. Does either Alliance have the competence to deal with such a disaster? Can they see what risks our islands face? Do they really care? The Heart of the Future beats in the chest of We Love Mauritius. Do you recognise the treasure yet?