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I have been considering the Prophecies of Nostradamus and I noticed how his name can be construed as “The Mafia are taking us to hell”. The words of Edmund Burke come to mind:

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

So basically the situation in which we find ourselves in Mauritius is completely our fault.

Following this, a deeply disturbing thought occurred to me: what if the Mayan’s got the date wrong? What if the Manifestation of the End of the Age isn’t 12-12-2012 but, say, 07-05-2010? Oops, that’s tomorrow! Of course the Manifestation may not be obvious to everybody, but those who have eyes to see…

Please do not regard me as a prophet. I am NOT, merely a co$mic propheteer. Nor am I the Anti-Christ. Some call me Ignorant and Arrogant, son of Elephant. I dance on such concoctions! I am the son of my Father: Pitambarum Munisamy. Dad, what a shame you didn’t stand in Mauritius. With three seats per constituency, you would have been elected to the National Assembly. If you had missed the boat, you would not have lost out. But then without so many mistakes: EYE WOOD KNOT BEE HeAR ;o)

Call me Munisamy the “Loony Swamy”.