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The US and Israel continue to bang their rattles against their prams about Iran’s unconfirmed aim to develop nuclear weapons. Even if Iran did succeed, it would never dare use them. As is the case for North Korea, nuclear weapons are a certain deterrent to prevent an invasion by the US. Using them would be suicidal. If Iraq had really had weapons of mass destruction that it could deploy at 45 minutes notice, is it likely that the US and UK would have dared to attack?

The fear mongering arguments by the Zionist neo-colonialists about the risks of proliferation due to Iran gaining nuclear weapons are without merit. There is a significantly greater risk of Pakistan supplying or actually using nuclear weapons. In terms of spreading weapons grade material, there is a much higher probability of it being supplied by the countries of the former Soviet Union than Iran. It is well known that the US is the worst global offender in losing weapons grade material. So called allies are also an undeniable source of accidents involving nuclear weapons.

Iran has no need of a nuclear deterrent. Our Source informs us that most of its oil production facilities are mined and can be detonated at less than 45 seconds notice. Therefore, if Israel or the US go insane and launch a significant attack on Iran, most of the Iranian oil wells will be sacrificed. The environmental damage will be catastrophic. The global media will struggle to prevent the blame being pinned on the Zionist aggressors and the sudden increase in the price of oil on the global market will almost certainly trigger the collapse of the US economy.

If such a scenario were to play out, the capability of the US military would rapidly degrade as personnel desert their posts. At an opportune time, Russia, Pakistan or Turkey (using US weapons based there) could easily initiate a nuclear strike against Israel and China launch an invasion on US soil. Victory would be handed to Al Qaeda on a plate without Osama bin Laden even having to upload a video to YouTube.