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The Voice of Youth Project is the jewel in the crown of We Love Mauritius. Our philosophy is simple: the young people of Mauritius will out-live parents and politicians, therefore they should have the right to decide the future of their country. As we look around the world we see an economic melt-down which seems to have many components. The picture is complicated, but there is a common thread: debt.

  • Easy loans to poor people caused the housing bubble in the US, which inevitably burst when they couldn’t keep up the payments.
  • Irresponsible borrowing by European politicians, who were bribing the public with unsustainable wages and social services, is killing the Euro.

The sad fact is that the so-called “mature” adults who run our lives have no long term vision. Nearly all governments are running a budget deficit: they are borrowing money now which will have to be paid back in the future. That means by YOU!

It doesn’t end there. They are also taking out personal loans and borrowing on the value of land and property to buy the things that their parents used to save for. This means that when they die, your inheritance will be going to to repay those loans. Really! The credit card company, Courts or Galaxy, who encouraged your parents to buy that beautiful LCD TV will take your house when they are gone. If your parent’s car is not paid for then they will take that too.

Today’s “mature” adults are not only mortgaging your future, they are destroying the planet that you will live on. At the same time as paying their debts, you will have to clean up their mess. Do you expect that your quality of life will continue to improve? Think again. Austerity measures that some European governments are implementing are just the start. Things are going to get worse, much worse. If people in our main tourist and export markets have less money to spend, what do you think will happen to the economy of Mauritius?

The budget deficit for 2010 in Mauritius is Rs.13.7bn. That means the government is borrowing Rs.10,000 this year for every man, woman and child in the country. This is on top of the Rs.125,000 per person we already owe. The Ministry of Finance tells us not to worry, as a percentage of GDP, the total debt is going down. But this assumes a high rate of growth. What happens if our economy starts to contract? We are approaching the edge of an abyss. The global economy is making the abyss deeper and our politicians are accelerating us towards it.

Is it not time for the Youth of Mauritius to speak out? Last year we established the MID Video Awards to encourage you to express yourselves using YouTube and spread the word amongst your friends. The Ministry of Education was right behind us. The Ministry of Finance cut off our funding. Think about what is happening and decide what you are going to do about it. The team at We love Mauritius is here to serve you.