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You have not replied to our previous message. We would like to become the official franchise holder for Miss Earth in Mauritius. Our conversations with the current Miss Mauritius reveal the that local franchise holder for Miss World & Miss International organises the Miss Mauritius competition largely for the benefit of herself and her family rather than the country and the environment.

In 2010, we propose to send the current Miss Mauritius to the Miss Earth pageant, provided it does not clash with Miss World. In 2011 we will run a Miss Mauritius Earth competition locally. Here are Miss Mauritius’ details:

Our track record in promoting environmental stewardship and social justice is evident ( We have partners in the hospitality and event management sectors who are ready to join us in organising the local pageant. If you grant us the Miss Earth franchise, we plan to use the publicity to start a shelter for young women. There are many girls in Mauritius who lose themselves to prostitution and drugs, as a result a large number contract HIV/AIDS.

We look forward to your response.

If you prefer, you may communicate with us through our base in the UK: Tel +44 207 096 2251 Fax +44 870 487 5555