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On 26th June 2010, Dr Richard L Munisamy made a statement to the police at Pointe aux Canonniers station accusing Mr Sahrat Dutt Lallah, CEO of Mauritius Telecom (MT), of contravening Section 29 of the Data Protection Act 2004.

29. Unlawful disclosure of personal data
(1) Any data controller who, without lawful excuse, discloses personal data in any manner that is incompatible with the purposes for which such data has been collected shall commit an offence.

According to an MT employee, the private database of Orange customers’ phone numbers had been released to the Alliance de l’Avenir who had then requested that MT send a message to subscribers soliciting their support in the general elections of May 2010. Apparently, MT made no charge for this service. It is understood that the case, OB732/10, has recently been transferred to regional headquarters at Piton where the decision to prosecute will be taken.

Below is the video of the conversation between Dr Munisamy and the MT employee: