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The following email has been sent to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Subject: Breaches of the leases for Flat Island and Ilot Gabriel

Dear Mrs Ramsamy

We Love Mauritius (WeLuvMu) is an NGO whose objects are environmental protection and the promotion of human rights. The NGO has over 2500 members.

We are concerned about the environmental deterioration of Flat Island and Ilot Gabriel and the restrictions on access by the Mauritian public to the same. We have sight of the Ilot Gabriel Documents but not Flat Island and the responses to parliamentary questions about both. According to Dr Boolell, the purpose of leasing out the islands was to ensure their protection and enhancement. In addition, he gave assurances that the public would be able to access the islands without paying a fee. Moreover the leases forbid the lessees assigning or subletting any part of their interest. However, the management of Ilot Gabriel has been assigned to a company belonging to Mr Achee Leung.

The report from the Director of Audit, details various serious breaches of the contract for Flat Island. It is apparent that similar breaches have occurred and are occurring with respect to Ilot Gabriel, including a case of a Mauritian Citizen being assaulted and chased off the islet by “security” guards in the employ of a subcontractor of the lessee. Further, our own surveys indicate that the environmental deterioration is continuing, especially with respect to the corals between the islands.

We would like to know why the lessees have not been served notice of the cancellation of their leases and ordered to pay the required reparations.

Your failure to provide a satisfactory response to our queries within 10 days will result in a formal complaint of negligence being lodged against you with the Ombudsman. In addition, legal action may be taken against you by way of an injunction ordering you to comply with the conditions of the leases, in the interests of environmental protection and the rights of the Citizens of Mauritius.


Dr Richard L Munisamy
Director of We Love Mauritius