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We encourage you to read the article below about a fantastic initiative by a group of students, called the Golden Team, who are transforming their concern for those less fortunate than themselves into concrete action. Recognising that disabled children are unable to access Mauritius’ “free” education system, they have taken it upon themselves to right this social injustice. They are supported by the Minister of Education, Dr Vasant Bunwaree, who, of course, is the one responsible for this glaring failure to provide educational opportunities for all. Why is he delighted to do so? Because these charitable students will fill the gap at a fraction of the costs that would be incurred by the Government.

But there is a sting in the tail. Although the new CSR Fund Tax is providing a windfall of cash for established NGOs, the Golden Team cannot share it because they have not been in existence for two years. We pointed out the stupidity of this rule to Financial Secretary, Ali “F*ck the Poor” Mansoor, last year, but he ignored us. After months of fighting with the various Ministries concerned we obtained this concession: NGOs less that two years old can receive CSR Funding if their members have at least two years’ experience in the relevant field of activity in Mauritius. However, this is of no help al all for the marvellous young people who take the initiative to make a difference in their country. So we will continue to campaign on their behalf until reason prevails.