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Secret document revealing fraud by mauritius labour party and PM

Zordi lekip rebelogy in gagne akce a un document ki pe cirkul lor internet a traver ban email. Sa document la pe dir ki ban agent parti travaillist ek cousin premie minis Navin Ramgoolam pe fer fraud pou gagne terrain letat. Document la meme cite ban dimoune ki conserne la zot nom. Nou invite zot lir sa document ki kikun in avoy nou par email la and osi partaz sa avek tou dimoune ki zot cone.

Dear friends,

If you had any doubt about corruption in Mauritius please do go through this mail and make your own opinion



Companies have been registered by Labour agents, politicians and cousin of Prime Minister (PM) Sandranee Ramjoorawon. The Labour agents, politicians and PM’s cousin identify State Land for either bungalow complex or hotel construction. The PM pressures the Permanent Secretary (PS) to issue reservation letter in favour of the agents and the politicians though the PM is FULLY AWARE that they will never go ahead with the project . The PM IS FULLY AWARE that they will sell the land to the highest bidder. Speculation on state land blessed by PM.

State Land allocation is decided by the PM alone in his office and approved by cabinet as per his recommendation.

The financial position of these companies didn’t and still don’t justify land allocation to them. Neither bank statements nor any paper from a financial institution regarding the financial soundness is asked, PM’s recommendation in cabinet meeting is enough.

Once they get the reservation letter, they enter into contract with land promoters to find investors to either sell the land at Rs 15 to 20 Millions per arpent or invest in the company. The ULTIMATE GOAL is to benefit the Labour Agents and relatives of PM.

In case of sale of land, the investors are proposed to open an escrow account at a notary or lawyer or accountant. The money which is paid in the escrow account is for the transfer of shares. Once the shares are transferred and the letter of intent is issued, then the money in the escrow account is discharged in favour of the political agent.

In case of investment, the investor invests in the hotel. Thus the political agent without any financial investment in the hotel will own shares worth over Rs 200 Millions.

The labour agent are also involves in construction of villas, and sell the villas in a “copropriete”.

The public officers who don’t cooperate are transferred. For eg, the ex Permanent Secretary (PS) of Ministry of Land Mrs Burenchobey who didn’t cooperate with Premnath Munhurun of Nath & Nath Ltd was replaced by Mr Oozir who is very very flexible ..

On 27 February 2009, Premnath Munhurun & Soochita Munhurun have transferred their shares to Nathalie Henry, Andrew Peens and Shaun Martin in exchange for part payment of Rs 5 Millions. Rs 30 Millions will be paid once lease agreement is signed. Escrow account was opened at Notary Patrice Avrillon. Mahendra Ghumundee was the middleman. PM, Dulull, Kasenally & PS Ozir were fully aware of this.

PM cousin and labour agents never complied with one of the conditions of the reservation letter which states: “the company should submit within 3 months as from date of this letter a project write up and preliminary designed development plans of the project for approval”.

Mr Oozir & Hons Dulull & Hons Abu Kasenally have been and are still very flexible so much so that they don’t press them to comply with this condition. If the officers don’t cooperate the PM will sack them. Letter of reservation issued in 2006 and 2007 haven’t been revoked till now though the political agents didn’t satisfy the above condition. Time is given to the political agents to find investors to sell the land at Rs 15to 20 Millions per arpent of pas geometriques. The PM & BOI also helps to find investors.

Mrs Sandranee Ramjoorawon (PM’s cousin) of Lotus Resorts Ltd; and Oogur Kamlesh Naraindraduth & Padaruth Dharamvirsing of PadKam Investments Holding Ltd have been granted reservation letters since 2007 at Balaclava for 7 arpent & 11 arpent respectively. They have never been disturbed by the authorities to revoke the reservation letter . Soon they will pocket Rs 336 Millions. The mode of operation is same like Hemant Bengalia, a labour agent who sold state land for Rs 300 Millions and is now in Switzerland.

State land must be returned to the Government if project is not concretized. Why ALLOW SPECULATIONS via Hotel Investment Scheme (HIS) on Pas Geometrique? One room which cost Rs 1 M is sold to foreigners for 6 M! In case of profit in HIS, profit must go to the state, not the speculators. NO TRANSFER OF SHARES SHOULD BE ALLOWED.

Article 18 (produced below) of the lease of state land has been amended to allow easy sale of state land via transfer of shares, again blessed by PM. Now on, by simply informing the ministry, shares can be transferred, no need to wait for ministry’s consent.

“ARTICLE 18 – Change of ownership/purpose of lease

In case of change of ownership or transfer of shares of the company which could impact on the control of the company and any change in the purpose of the lease, the agreement will be automatically cancelled”.


Some of the many cases of State Land Expropriation by Labour Agents & PM’s cousin :

1/ Oogur Kamlesh Naraindraduth & Padaruth Dharamvirsing of PadKam Investments Holding Ltd incorporated on 17-08-06 got reservation letter since 2007 for 10 arpent of land at solitude. The government compulsorily acquired this land for sports complex by using public money for Rs 20 Millions. Government didn’t go ahead with the project. Oogur Kamlesh Naraindraduth & Padaruth Dharamvirsing are selling this land for 30 Millions.

2/ Mrs Sandranee Ramjoorawon (PM’s cousin) of Lotus Resorts Ltd got 7 Arpent at Balaclava. Rajiv Beeharry who is CEO of MPCB & boyfriend of S. Ramjoorawon is looking for customers. Despite he is paid Rs 500,000 (salary & benefits) by MPCB, he uses his position to speculate on state land which PM gave his cousin.

3/ AGAIN Oogur Kamlesh Naraindraduth & Padaruth Dharamvirsing of Kohinoor Investment Holdings Ltd, got 11.68 Arpent at Balaclava.

Proposition by Lotus Resorts Ltd & Kohinoor Investment Holdings Ltd to sell State Land at Rs 336 Millions is circulated overseas. Le Defi of 18 to 24 July page 11 showed the “structure d’actionariat de deux companies” how the investor will pay Rs 336 Millions in an Escrow Account to the benefit of Labor political agents and their families.!! Reservation letter is dated 18-09-07 but not yet cancelled because the agent has the blessing of PM.

3/ AGAIN Mrs Sandranee Ramjoorawon (PM’s cousin) of Dream Spa & Resorts Ltd got another STATE LAND of 7 Arpent at Palmar in Feb 2010. The land is on sale at Rs 105 Millions.

Despite, in Le Matinal of May 2009, there was a public invitation for Request For Expressions Of Interest for this 250 arpents of land at Palmar, only 4 companies close to labour party got the state land. PM’s cousin is among the first. PM act contrary to EQUAL OPPORTUNITY.

5/ Premnath Munhurun of Triolet formed Nath & Nath Ltd, got 2 acres at Balaclava sold same at Rs 35 Millions. Escrow account was opened at Notary Patrice Avrillion. Despite ICAC have been informed since 2008, it didn’t inquire.

6/ Clause 18 makes matters difficult for speculators. So, to divert this clause, Mohes Dharamjay (Labour Agent) of Soleil De Melville Ltee got reservation letter in Feb 2010 for of 7 arpent of state Land at Palmar. Mohes Dharamjay agreed that House Promo Ltd whose shareholders are Nowssadally Nubee & Mallavedi Nabee holds 80 % shares in Soleil De Melville Ltee. In exchange of the 80% shares, Nowssadally Nubee will pay Rs 34 Millions

to Mohes Dharamjay or someone appointed by the latter. The deal of 80 % shares for Rs 34 Millions is testified in a private agreement. Mr Mohes will get Rs 6 Millions by end March 2010 and the balance after issue of letter of intent.

7/ Akshay Hurdowar of Aksay Enterprises Ltd will pocket Rs 40 Millions, within 3 months, from Rajcoomar Uchendra of Phos Ltd from the sale of 6 arpents at Palmar ..

8/ Dhanjay Callikan of Whitewater Consulting Services Ltd got 4 Arpent at Balaclabva.

9/ Deva Virawsawmy through Midas (very big Jackpot) 33 arpent at Bel Ombre, land will be sold at Rs 330 millions.

10/ Balraj Doorgapersand, Jaylall Doorgapersand & Ah Fat (whose daughter needs more equality than others is the treasurer of labour party); all 3 are shareholders of Leaside Co Ltd. They got 11 arpent at Bel ombre. The land will be sold for Rs 220 Millions.

11/ Rawat- BAI got PRIME state land to built Apollo hospital and sold 51% share to foreigner. Thus made profit of Rs 500 millions. AT LEAST Rs 200 millions SHOULD GO TO GOVT. Not a single cent to govt.

12/ Vikash Woocheet and Kema Woodoo who purport to represent Vaish are the next winners of state land jackpot, may be at Pte Aux Piments, 11 arpents each.

13/ Last Friday Union Musulmane (UM) distributed a pamphlet in the Mosques of Port Louis that criticised the VPM Bebeejaun for nepotism. The real reason was that the secretary of UM, Ahmed Bundoo, too wants land at Palmar. Now the VPM will pressure the PM to issue reservation letter for Ahmed Bundoo.

Even one high level BOI officer has been finding investors for these agents to share the jackpot.

We, Mauritians, have to work hard to make both ends meet but not these people.

The VERY HONOURABLE PM makes many multimillionaire in these moments of economic crisis through the sale of state land. At a time when in the USA, highly qualified staff have returned their bonuses to government, here in Mauritius, the PM has blessed the agents to expropriate our property and enrich them and their families. Is this PM worth of speaking democracy & equal opportunity?


1/ Why a certified bank statement is not asked from the bank on the financial soundness of applicant?

2/ Does the PS examine the application in all fairness before submitting to cabinet? Of course not. BUT WHY ICAC DON’T QUESTION HIM ?

3/ Why when there is so long delay to satisfy the conditions in the reservation letter, the reservation letter is not cancelled?

4/ Why the government don’t invite tenders as in Singapore ?

5/ Why the tenders are not opened in the presence of all interested parties.


7/ Why PM didn’t learn from Lee Kwan Yew about state land allocation that belongs to us?

8/ Why PAS GÉOMÉTRIQUES ACT RL 4/121 – 24 April 1982 (produced below) is not enforced?

Grant of lease by public auction

(1) Where it is intended to grant a lease of ‘Pas Géométriques’ by public auction, notice shall be given in the Gazette and 2 daily newspapers 2 weeks at least before the day fixed for the auction.

(2) It shall be distinctly stated in the notice whether there are on the land intended to be leased buildings belonging to the Government and, if so, whether the buildings are to be leased with the land.

(3) Subject to subsection (4), the lease shall be adjudged at the auction to the highest bidder.

(4) The Minister may withdraw the lease of the land from the auction if the highest bid is, in his opinion, below the actual rental value of the land.

Since land belongs to the state, why the government don’t amend the law so that the money for transfer of shares goes to the government? Why not amend the law to make imprisonment of 10 years if money for transfer of shares is paid to other party than the government ? Land promoters, accountants and lawyers must account for the offence of our land expropriation.

Since our Pas Geometriques is diamond, why not set up something similar to Kimberley process of Siera Leone?

Answer: These questions will never be asked because PM has blessed speculation of state land for the benefit of his agents who exercise daily pressure.


Our VERY HONOURABLE PM who in keeps repeating: “are moi pena discrimination, pena chantage, mo croire dans justice sociale” have been doing the contrary.

Unfortunately for the PM that he cannot give free health care, free education and free bus transport to ONLY his cousin and his agents otherwise he would have done it.

Since, billions of rupees are involved in state land jackpot, I invite public officers to become Bodyguards/Bouncers or relative of PM instead of working for a salary of Rs 25,000 and enduring pressure . Only then you can benefit the State Land Jackpot.

State land jackpot is better than Subutex business.

PM’S cousin and some agents reap Jackpot (Rs 35 to Rs 330 Millions) others get only a piece of Kentucky on election eve. This is equal opportunity for all.

Instead of investigating who send this letter, please investigate on the truth of its contents that cannot be challenged.

Our HONOURABLE Ministers & the VERY HONOURABLE PM have legalised and promoted corruption.

Please forward this mail to as many people as possible.

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