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Last year’s  public consultation exercise on the vision for Maurice Ile Durable has finally yielded its long overdue green paper. This is important because the government will use it to formulate a Common Shared Vision for MID and subsequent policy. The green paper proposes two visions and the Ministry of Environment has invited feedback on them by 8th May. What are your views and opinions?

Draft Combined National Vision

We the people of Mauritius want to live in a country where environmental, social and economic concerns are carefully balanced in a fair and just manner. We want our nation to be educated, with appropriate training and public awareness building incorporated in all policy frameworks, to ensure the development of our human resource to its fullest potential, regardless of gender and ethnicity.

We want an efficient and prosperous economic sector enjoying continuous high level support in the implementation of sustainable outcomes. Our natural resources should be efficiently protected and monitored, properly researched, and used in sustainable ways. We recognise the management of resources as a shared responsibility of all users.

We dream of a nation where unethical practices and activities are prohibited, where people are responsible and respectful of others and the environment, and where the rule of law is applied without exception. We want a non-corrupt, good governance system in which society is secure, where our medical and social needs are taken care of, and where political
agendas are geared to the benefit of our green island.

We want a nation where innovative methods are developed to foster social, economic, political and environmental well-being, and in which our cultural values and heritage can flourish. Our nation should be self-sufficient and self-reliant, accountable and transparent in all its affairs. Conscious of the limits of our land and resources we should plan our country well.

We want our nation to have eco-friendly transport facilities, where all Mauritians have more access to free green leisure spaces and beaches, to eco-friendly transport facilities, and a pollution-free environment in which we are less reliant on fossil fuels. Our biodiversity, pristine natural habitats and scenic landscapes as a source of ongoing enjoyment and spiritual nourishment must be preserved for posterity.

We want to live in a land that is fair, green, crime-free, safe and secure, providing equal opportunities for all, and where we can pursue our vision in a spirit of brotherhood.

Vision from the National Youth Summit

We, the Youth of Mauritius, want to live in a green and pollution-free country in which social, cultural, political, environmental and economic dimensions are carefully considered and balanced with sustainability as our common goal. Our human resource should be developed to its fullest potential in all of our islands, so the necessary creativity and innovation can be unlocked that will sustain us into the future. We recognize that education and scientific endeavour, self-sufficiency, transparency, and thorough planning and implementation are cornerstones in the pursuit of a sustainable and secure Mauritius, where the building of a healthy, equitable and all-inclusive society is our collective aim and responsibility, not only to secure our own future but also to serve as a model to the world.