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[Open letter to the President of the Republic of Mauritius]

Dear Mr President, SIR!

Remember me? I am the one who invited you to present the prizes for the MID Video Awards organised by We Love Mauritius in 2010. You declined without excuse. I also invited you to defend the Constitution and ban political parties from the last general elections. You declined then too without excuse, but I accept that you had a conflict of interest and so I reluctantly filled in for you. Now, will it be third time lucky? I think so…

I am wondering why, after rashly attacking ICAC and inappropriately defending your son and his party (why didn’t you leave it to your daughter?), you are so slow to defend your civil service? It seems to me that the newspapers of this country are risking contempt of court by insinuating that it was an act of corruption to sign a cheque on a 23rd day of December. I see it rather as evidence of conscientiousness. They are exploiting the implicit assumption that the apparatus of government ceases to function so close to Christmas. Surely this is a defamation of your hard working civil service?

Why do I assert this? Evidence! I have in my possession a certain letter (from the Prime Minister’s Office no less) signed not on a 23rd day of December but actually on a 24th day of December! (Granted, this might end up becoming a collector’s item;) I guarantee you that no benefit accrued to anyone as a result of signing it on that date as opposed to waiting until after the festive season. Even if there had, how anyone could use that as incontrovertible evidence of corruption is beyond me.

I pray Sir, please do the right thing and defend your civil service by speaking out against the conspiracy of defamation against it. You might even want to draw the attention of the Director of Public Prosecutions to the consequent contempt of court. Speaking of which, did you know there is a journalist unethically detained in one of your prisons for, of all things, publishing a letter in his newspaper? Surely when publishing a letter there is an implicit assumption, understood by all, that it is an expression of the personal opinion of its author and not of the newspaper, even if someone had forgotten the disclaimer? If this were not the case then would it not be impossible to have freedom of expression? This is a slippery slope towards dictatorship that I may have recently been a victim of myself with reference to the electoral system and I sincerely hope that it will be the end of him it. Why have no lawyers spoken out? Do they have no sense of shame? Is there some sort of fraternal bond of silence? Is it not time they were exposed? Exactly, what kind of association are they? A political party? Most irregular.

I enclose a copy of the said letter for your reference. Please could you do me a little favour? I am not aware who was actually occupying the office of Prime Minister at the time. If you could discreetly find out and thank him for running it so well for me, I would be most grateful. Perhaps you might also want to keep an eye on the machinations of the state to ascertain whether the said DPP and the judiciary are as free from executive influence as they ought to be? I trust if you find any irregularities you will not hesitate to take the appropriate action and defend the Constitution as you are both compelled and empowered to do. It really is most inconvenient for me to have to keep taking on your role. Unless of course you feel that it is time for you to enjoy a well-deserved retirement?

One final thing. Did you remark in the news that the Mother of the Commonwealth of Nations was directed by them to accept gender equality when determining succession? Imagine, if William and Catherine’s first child is a girl, then she will become queen rather than her brothers. What a kick in the teeth for patriarchy and brotherhood! Did you feel a pang of regret for removing her as head of state? I am sure if you had participated in such an historic event you would have put your own feelings of hypocrisy aside and voted with the other countries FOR THE GREATER GOOD, even if it did encourage gender equality here. For how much longer, with you and the Prime Minister in charge, will the good old days linger with us? Or are you? It has been observed that, with the waves of debt lapping up the bulwarks and an economic storm gathering strength on each horizon, there is no one at the helm at all! Now that’s ridiculous if you ask me. It is just a matter of waiting for the MID strategy to be revealed by the international consultant. Still at least now you know what to do, don’t you?


Dr Richard L Munisamy
Creative Director of We Love Mauritius