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(A) 11.11.11 Palestine denied statehood. Seeks to merge with Jordan. Israel pre-empts and invades both. What happens next? Iran? Ref 1


(B) 11.11.11 Palestine granted statehood under a special deal where Israel, Jordan and Palestine unite in the ultimate three-in-one state solution. Do they all live happily ever after? Ref 2


(C) 11.11.11 Apartheid 2.0 Ref 3

A clever play by the EU? But is it into Israeli hands? Who is the champion of human rights? Will the prince of peace do the needful? And what would happen if the US was suspended from the UN?

Over only $60 million of UNESCO funding? That seems a bit harsh. But when a country is acting so childishly maybe it should be sent out of the room until the adults have finished deciding important matters…Or one could argue it should be temporarily removed from the Security Council because of concern over human rights abuses…

Can you do that? What does it say in the UN Charter?

Article 5

A Member of the United Nations against which preventive or enforcement action has been taken by the Security Council may be suspended from the exercise of the rights and privileges of membership by the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council. The exercise of these rights and privileges may be restored by the Security Council.

A bit if a catch 22 there. And it only applies to the General Assembly. Just a second, isn’t the US a PERMANENT member of the Security Council? Who wrote this document? Didn’t they foresee this kind of situation? What kind of democracy is this? Any other options? Yes, Venezuela…?

Of course it would be so much easier if Obama was free to do the decent thing. Ruling out magic, divine intervention or an invasion, how might he be liberated? Perhaps an occupying army could do the trick…?