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Forget the comatose “Maurice Iles Durables” project, is this a secret strategy for “Sustainable Mauritius” you haven’t heard about (until now;) ?



Classification: UK TOP SECRET

Origin: PORT W

Destination: GCHQ

Please identify Cabinet members who may oppose the high level strategy for Sustainable Mauritius as negotiated with Minster of Finance and Economic Development (Xavier Luc Duval):

1. Replace government bureaucracy with a smart computer system named e-gov 2.0. This will virtually eliminate corruption, massively reduce the budgetary requirements but have negative impacts on unemployment rate.

2. Encourage mass migration to welcoming countries (especially Canada where bilingual English/French ability is valued), while maintaining sufficient work force/skill set to service the new economy. Provide internships for high school and university graduates lacking necessary work experience. This will greatly reduce the need for investment in water, electricity, sewerage public transport and road infrastructure. Moreover it will virtually halt environmental degradation and open up opportunities for re/afforestation.

3. Repopulate the island with persons of high net worth and consolidate  the transition to a natural and fiscal paradise – a green version of Dubai. This will enable the following regional hubs to be realised: transport, financial, brand shopping, educational, medical, cosmetic surgery, knowledge, etc, etc.

***END***  Brought to you by: “Leaky-Leaks – you just can’t stop the flow!”

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