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PRE-ACTION PROTOCOL: Private prosecution for perverting the course of justice and hence putting my safety at risk.

Dear Mr RamperSad

You look rather melancholy in your photo on page 8 of the Police Magazine 2010. Were you depressed? I am sorry to say that this letter is unlikely to cheer your spirits much, so I have included one or two puns to help us both see the lighter side of this otherwise very sombre situation. It is indeed sad that circumstances have led me to the point of privately prosecuting you. However, once you are made aware of what has happened I am confident that you will empathise with my anguish and comply with my requests.

On 10.11.11, I received a threat via the internet and then an abusive phone call to my cell number 2551551 from Jam1000 Peerally. Fearing for my safety, I called ACP Voodoomalay who asked me to come to his office the next day. When I arrived at Line Barracks on Friday 11.11.11, he refused to see me. On 12.11.11, I went to Central Investigation Division (CID)Grand Baie to make a statement but the office was closed. An ADSU officer recommended that I go directly to Central Central Investigation Division (CCID) at Line Barracks. When I arrived there on 13.11.11, I found that the office was closed so I phoned Mr Voodoomalay but he refused to contact one of his officers on call. A member of the SSU suggested that I make a declaration as a precautionary measure at Line Barracks police station. So I tried.

I explained the situation to the officers present and once they heard the name Peerally , they refused to take my declaration. So I once more called Mr Voodoomalay and passed the phone to one of the officers. The officer in charge spoke to his subordinate in Kreol, which is gibberish to me, and they agreed to take down my declaration. However, when I read what they had written, it bore no resemblance to what I had said and they refused to change it. So I called Mr Voodoomalay once more and he told me to sign it and that he would correct it the next day. This seemed inappropriate, so I refused. However, once I returned to Pointe aux Canonniers, I made my declaration to the police there and stated that I would visit CCID on 15.11.11 to make a statement.

On 15.11.11 I visited CCID. After I mentioned the name Peerally, the team on duty refused to take a statement, so I threatened to report them to the Ombudsman. After many phone calls, again in Kreol, they gave in. I then precisely dictated my statement and they took it down word for word. In addition, I left hard copies and soft copies on CD of the evidence against Jam1000 Peerally. They informed me that the case would be transferred to the Cyber Crimes Unit for investigation. I then visited Mr Voodoomalay and he assured me that he would everything necessary to assure my safety.

On 16.11.11, I received a further warning via the internet from Jam1000 Peerally and emailed a copy to the address: I then received subsequent threats from the friends of Jam1000 Peerally so I collated them and sent them to the same email address as an open letter which I copied to various third parties as a measure of precaution, having totally lost confidence in the Führer’s Gestapo, or should I say the Crime Cover-up and Invisibilisation Division of the Mauritius Police Farce?

To my great distress, I continued to receive threats from Jam1000 Peerally’s friends and so I went to Pointe aux Canonniers Police station on 22.11.11 to make a complaint against Mr Voodoomalay. The officers stationed there encouraged me to call the witch doctor, which I did. He denied receiving any emails but said he would call me back at 10h00 the following day. However he did not and when I called him he again denied receiving any emails and advised me to speak to the Super Intendant at Piton whom he would call to make aware of my case.

When I arrived at Piton, the officers explained that the SI was away, that no phone call had been received from the witch doctor, that they were unable to take a statement and advised me to do so at Pointe aux Canonniers Police Station. Perhaps you can imagine how frustrated and fearful I was at this stage. I asked the officer in charge if he recommended that I leave the country. He did reply but informed me that he did not have enough staff to provide me with around the clock surveillance.

So I returned to Pointe aux Canonniers Police Station. Once they heard the story, they strongly suggested that I seek legal advice. So I did and that is why I am writing to you now. If you wish to avoid being prosecuted by my legal team, I suggest you contact me so that we can meet in a public place, I suggest Cocoloko in Grand Baie. I trust that you will be able to convince me that you will indeed fulfil the Mission Statement of the MPF or tender your resignation forthwith. In case you have forgotten what it says, here is the first paragraph:

We, in the Mauritius Police Force, have taken the Oath of Allegiance to the country and the public to faithfully execute and perform all duties incumbent on us under any office in the Force to which we may be appointed, in the preservation of peace and the prevention and detection of all offences and all other duties as required of us by Law, without fear or favour, affection or ill-will. We apply the Law firmly but fairly and politely, and we must be seen to do so.

I enclose an updated collation of all evidence against Jam1000 “I am above the Law” Peerally and his henchmen. Since, from the MPF’s website, you do not appear to have an email address and indeed I suspect you have never seen a computer in your life, I will deliver a hard copy of this letter to Pointe aux Canonniers Police Station. Rest assured that it will be copied to certain third parties as a precautionary measure.

Respectfully (NOT!!!), your fellow defender of the Republic and Human Rights(???),

Dr Richard L Munisamy

Evidence against Jam1000