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“On Thursday 24th November 2011, I visited the Infotec Computer Exhibition in Mauritius. While there I was sold an Asus Eee Pad Transformer by SR and ZR of the HM Rawat company. I was told it had the latest operating system Android 4.0, that no more powerful models would be available in the near future and that it was the very last one in stock. When I switched it on at home, I was disappointed to discover that it had the older Android 3 operating system and was shocked to learn that a much better version, the Transformer Prime was being launched in a matter of days.

I called the head office the next day. A lady called S? apologised for the mistake, telling me that they would be taking delivery of the Transformer Prime within two weeks. She asked me to come to return the Transformer to the shop in Beau Bassin and I would be given the the newer model as soon as it arrived. When I arrived there at 16h45 on Saturday, I was told that I would have to pay more but they did not yet know how much. I explained that someone would be visiting me from the UK at Christmas and I would prefer to buy it there if it was cheaper. S? told me that she was not authorised to give me a refund. So she called SR and passed the phone to me. In a friendly voice, SR asked me to meet her at Infotec and she would sort things out.

Within 15 minutes I had arrived at the exhibition. Since SR was not at the HM Rawat stand, I asked other members of staff to find her and waited patiently. After a few moments a bodyguard in an HM Rawat t-shirt stood right in front of me and started to psychologically assault me. Shortly afterwards SR returned but the body guard insisted I would not be able to meet her. Then ZR noticed me and called out a greeting. As soon as I started talking to her I was confronted by about 6 other Rawat employees and effectively chased out of the building. I immediately called the police’s central despatch room who advised me to seek assistance from the officers at the exhibition.

Outside I could only find a lone police woman who suggested we return inside to find some male colleagues for support before seeking to identify my assailant. At the entrance to the exhibition we were confronted by about 5 men led by someone who claimed to be the owner of the HR Rawat. From the HM Rawat website, I can confirm that he is Mahmad Ali Rawat. I suggested to the police woman that we continue inside and return with some back up. Then I noticed a group of photographers and invited them to get ready to take what might be some newsworthy pictures. I returned within a few minutes with two male police officers.

The owner insisted on moving away from the HM Rawat stand to discuss matters out of sight of his customers and the photographers. He also insisted on having the bodyguard by his side, but since I felt intimidated by his presence the police asked him to move out of sight. The owner then asked me what the problem was but continuously interrupted my explanation. After I had finished he told me that he would not return my money and that he would be happy to face me in court. He then started talking privately to the police officers. After a few moments they told me to make a declaration at a police station, so I asked to have their names and numbers as witnesses. They refused, removed their badges and walked quickly away.

I then went to another stand, Cash and Carry where I had ordered a memory card. However, the body guard continued to harass me, this time joined by a colleague wearing a t-shirt with an Orange logo. What happened next can be seen in the video. I later discovered that my photographer friends had themselves been warned by the Rawat thugs of the consequences of taking any pictures.”

You may be wondering how a businessman can care so little about customer satisfaction, seems to have the police in his pocket and relishes being taken to court. In fact he is a personal friend of the Prime Minister Dr Navin Chandra Ramgoolam. He even took on the distributorship of Aston Martin to ensure that the “benign” dictator could satisfy his childish dream of owning a model of that distinguished marque. Suffice to say that We Love Mauritius will, in due course be making all of the companies that supply HM Rawat aware of it’s CEO’s unique approach to customer service. We have established a that there exists strong coupling between the executive, legislature and judiciary in Mauritius via irregular freemasonry. We may only speculate if this most recent attack on our Creative Director is itself linked with indirect threats from the Cabinet, direct threats from Jameel Peerally and his friends (at least one of whom said he was acting as a Freemason) and the incredible lack of intervention by the Mauritius Police Farce in spite of the Commissioner being threatened with private prosecution…