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[READER DISCRETION ADVISED: The conversation in the image contains foul language and graphic descriptions of a violent sexual nature. DO NOT click on it if you are a minor or of a sensitive disposition.]

Click for hi res image The threats in the adjacent image were made to Dr Mu following our investigations into the corrupting influence on freemasonry on the institutions of Mauritius. The anonymous Facebook identity which translates as “The Creator of Light” alludes to a particular sect of freemasony known as the Illuminati. However, we are doubtful that they would reveal themselves and stoop so slow as to make threats of this nature. More likely they originate from the Triple Esperance Lodge (Registered Association Number 67) which is associated with the “Synagogue of Satan”.

Does this all sound too far-fetched? Perhaps a little research is required into Satan worship and the diabolical nature of freemasonry in Mauritius and beyond:

Accusations against Mauritian Freemasonry by a declared FOE

Accusations against Mauritius by a knowledgeable Muslim

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A Russian Orthodox view of Freemasonry

What is devil worship?

The Two Faces of Freemasonry: Masonic Personalities. By John Daniel

Devil Worship in Freemasonry: A Worldwide Satanic Conspiracy? By Arthur Edward Waite

We must emphasise that not all elements of Freemasonry are diabolical. In fact, we have several friends associated with the United Grand Lodge of England who devote themselves to charitable works. Here is their perspective on Freemasonry:

Masonic history

Freemasonry in Mauritius by a visiting brother

Establishment of the Grand Lodge of Mauritius

Confused? Check out our own balanced perspective of Freemasonry in Mauritius as published in le Matinal:

Masons come out of the closet

Link disappeared? Here is the original.

What organisation is behind this “Creator of Light“? Are they using Jameel “An activist of light” Peerally as their pawn in this evil game? If he really is HIV+ then surely he is threatening to kill? Who is restraining the Mauritius Police Force from arresting him? (Hint: who is the Minister of Home Affairs? 😉