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FAX from the FIRM

The Office of the Devil’s Advocate


The Chief Justice


Legal Ad-Vizier to WeLuvMu

Chambers of the Supreme Court

The Office of the

Devil’s Advocate

Port Louis

Pro Street



Fax no.

+230 210 0679

Fax no.

+44 870 487 5555

Date: December, the Twenty-Second Day*, 2011

Please respond to the attached letter by fax after having gained the consent or otherwise of the Attorney General and the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Nota Bene:

The recipe-ants of the letter are strongly cautioned against dismissing it as a joke. Any humour contained therein is soul-hee for the benefit of the audience and to disguise the True nature of the Source. The intention to pro-so-cute and ex-act the sever-rest of penal-ties is death-lie seer-Ius.

* Twenty seconds? That’s a bit short for a day isn’t it? Still it’s probably just long enough to send this fax 😉 LOL


The Chief Justice

Chambers of the Supreme Court

Port Louis



Consent to proceed with a private prosecution

Dear e-steamed1 Chief Justice, Attorney General and Director of Public Prosecutions

On behalf of WeLuvMu, a charitable institution and private limited company (Business Registration Number: C09085650), we have been mandated by the Bored to make the following request:

Prosecutor: WeLuvMu

Defendants: Commissioner of Police, Prime Minister’s Office, Triple Espérance (Assn 67)


  • Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and hence endanger the life and integrity of Dr Richard Luke Munisamy in violation of his Constitutional Rights as a citizen of the Sovereign Democratic State known as the Republic of Mauritius.
  • Conspiracy to deny Dr Richard Luke Munisamy of his Constitutional Right to freely express himself in open letters via the State and private media organisations, hence denying him the safety afforded by the public’s knowledge of his victimisation.

Pre-Action Protocol and Duty of Disclosure

  • Commissioner of Police. An open letter was sent to the CP dated 24th November 2011, warning him of a private prosecution if he failed to fulfil the conditions contained therein. To date, no reply has been received.
  • Prime Minister’s Office. The PMO subsumes the Ministry of Defence and Home Affairs. As such it is ultimately responsible and accountable for the Mauritius Police Force2.
  • La Triple Espérance: LTE is a highly irregular masonic lodge whose procedures of recruitment results in a membership with a concentration of personages of influence. Hence, it is likely to include high ranking members of the MPF, the PMO and the media. In the words of the Venereal Master (l’Express Dimanche 2010.10.24):

C’est vrai que nous cherchons des personnes de valeur. Dont la manière d’être, ou les écrits ou les actions demontrent qu’ils seront de bons maillons. Et en effet, certains practique des professions où ils exercent déjà une certaine influence sur la société.”

Due to its intrinsically surreptitious nature, it has not been possible to communicate with LTE directly. However, it is assumed that the Venereal Master has been pre-warned of this action and, in any event, all relevant correspondence is freely available on the Internet.

Summary of Offences

  • Jameel Peerally and associates have been repeatedly reported to the police by Dr Munisamy for threats to main and kill. On 2011.12.09, Jameel Peerally and an associate located, harassed and would have physically assaulted Dr Munisamy had he not succeeded in effecting an escape.
  • On 2011.11.24, Dr Munisamy was the victim of an unprovoked physical and psychological assault. The police were called to assist but refused and left him unprotected. It has proved impossible to find a psychiatrist without a conflict of interest who will prepare a medical report for a law suit.
  • On 2011.12.19, Dr Munisamy was the victim of an occult plot which may have led to his death in police custody had he not effected an escape.
  • None of Dr Munisamy’s supplications for help to persons of authority, describing these events and establishing the motives of the perpetrators have been published by the public or private media organisations.

Supporting Evidence

Physical and electronic evidence of the above will be made available in accordance with the defined procedures of the courts.

Witnesses, attesting to the conspiracy, for obvious reasons, are insisting that their anonymity be guaranteed.

Conflict of Interest

It is assumed that anyone with a conflict of interest, e.g. through familial, familiar or freemasonry connections with the defendants, will declare those interests and excuse themselves from this process; as will anyone associated with intelligence agencies who have a vested interest in the outcome of this prosecution, e.g. the CIA.

Alternative Recourse

If you are unwilling or unable to consent to the above or provide the necessary guarantees for the anonymity and protection of the witnesses, you are requested to grant leave for the prosecutor to make application to the African Court of Justice and Human Rights.

Should you refuse this, the details of this matter will be communicated to the International Criminal Court on the grounds that the State is unwilling or unable to genuinely carry out or permit the prosecution.

Time Limits

You have until 2012.01.07 to respond. It would be unfortunate if the accused used this delay to flee the country never to return (this might be beyond our jurisdiction;)

With the best wishes of the Sea’s-son3

1Is it getting hot in the kitchen?

2AKA the Farce

3Revelation 13:1