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Is this WHY? 😀

6 Our objective is to complete the first soft coup in the world using purely legitimate means rather than mass mobilisation – regime change without military or mob intervention. Our competitors are Pakistan, where the President is facing a soft coup attempt and the Philippines where the President is using congress to impeach the Chief Justice. However, they are seeking to replace one component of state apparatus, we are aiming to remove the whole lot.

On the face of it, this might indeed seem impossible since at least three of the four pillars of our democracy – the legislature, the judiciary and the media – are all under the firm control of the “Synagogue of Satan”, the highly irregular masonic lodge – La Triple Esperance. While Sir Anerood Jugnauth maintains the semblance of antipathy towards the bent brethren, this would be compatible with their modus operandi, as elucidated by Vladamir Lenin: “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves”. Alternatively, with his son effectively a hostage of ICAC and the courts, they can manipulate him through his greatest weakness – paternal devotion. However, it is this total subversion of the Sovereignty of the Republic of Mauritius that renders our comprehensive coup necessary.

Our initial strategy had been to liberate Pravind Jugnauth, as well as free the press, from the tyranny of the Prime Minister. Hence, our first intervention with the President, offering him the keys to Pravind’s prison and calling for the liberation of Dharmanand Dooharika, Chief editor of the newspaper Samedi Plus. Was it a coincidence that he was released on the very same day? However, the President was later deaf to our own appeal for assistance to protect us from the threats of the Pied Piper of Riviere Noire, Jameel Peerally, and his band of fellow apprentice masons. The police had done nothing despite our appeals to the ACP in charge of CCID and the Commissioner of Police himself. Even the Ombudsman had washed his hands of the affair in the most cowardly manner possible.

The President, however, did not reciprocate our act of good will and the police underlined their refusal to protect life and property when one of us was assaulted by the goons working for HM Rawat. They subsequently compounded their complicity with the oligarchic mafia by alerting rather than arresting the main suspect and refusing to take a formal declaration of complaint. To all our interventions, the media have remained deathly silent, revealing them to be, in reality, the propaganda arm of la Triple Esperance – i.e. the freemason’s rather than the free press. However, this, in turn permitted us to initiate an indefensible manoeuvre in our coup d’etat – the unprecedented private prosecution of the Commission of Police, the Prime Minister’s Office and the Synagogue of Satan itself. The Chief Justice, in failing to respond, leaves himself vulnerable to the accusation that he is in violation of Section 10.1 of the Constitution.

Meanwhile, we have denounced the Jugnauth family and the Prime Minister’s Office to ICAC for corruption. Permitting us to reveal to the world that we are indeed being censored by the media. Concurrently, at the insistence of one of our “councillors”, we made moves to recruit Harish Boodhoo to the cause. However, he revealed his own Machiavellian machinations by denouncing us to the CCID for our act of grace. However, this allowed us to make a stunningly scathing statement to the Supreme Court.

To hit the final nail in the coffin and pull tight the Gordian Knot, we simultaneously denounced the police to ICAC for their complicity with HM Rawat and ICAC to the police for their complicity with the Prime Minister’s Office (OB 14/12 at Fan Faron Police Station). We now await the arrival of Alexander the Great!

What’s the “6” for? 6-002 – the year of MiIII’s release written backwards.
And the significance of the III? Take your pick from: Masonics, Matrix or MTricks 😉