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[To the tune of dIre sTraits “Brothers in Arms
Dedicated to Anjalay Coopen, Kaya and Berger Agathe]

These mist covered mountains
Are home now for We
And so are the lowlands
And even the Sea

We promise they’ll give you
Their fields and their farms
You’ll no longer burn to avenge
Your dead sister in arms

Through the streets of destruction
Baptisms of fire
We witnessed your suffering
As the battles raged higher

And though you were hurt so bad
In fear and alarm
We left you alone there
Oh brothers in arms

We’ve created many earths
Extinguished many suns
Since you all share this world
Why live in different ones?

Now the suns burn in hell
And the moon’s riding high
We bid you farewell
Every oNe has to die

But We swear by the starlight
And the lines on your palms
Whenever you need We just call
On your Sisters in Arms

You can see from their tombstones
And the scars on their lands
It’s better to LOVE than make war
Embrace peace and shake hands

Learn how to respect and adore
Your brave sisters’ true charms
And may you find peace evermore
Safe in each other’s arms


[We are the subject and the object. You are the verb. Move Us.]