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Is there any Justice in this World?

**** OPEN LETTER ****

Dear Secretary-General

Please refer the following to the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group:

We are deeply concerned that the State of Mauritius has fallen into systemic violation of the Harare Declaration. Please take note of the email below (copied to the Chief Justice) to which We have still received no reply.

We apologise for the jocular language – it is an expression of Our utter frustration. The precursor to the application refered to therein can be found here.

The application was rejected by the Judge in Chambers on the basis of vice de procedure. (Click here to view what happened). We attempted to appeal to the Privy Council, but it has no Jurisdiction in Chambers cases. We are unable to submit the main case because We cannot find an attorney to represent Us pro bono (We are a registered charitable institution funded entirely by donations). We are unable to apply in Person because of a change to the Supreme Court rules following a previous test of the judicio- political oligarchy.

Naturally, this email will appear on Our blog along with Your responses (or lack of them).


Dr Richard L Munisamy