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ImageDear FCO Mumbai

Thank you for providing the contact details of lawyers in Mumbai. As you can see from the attached letter, one of them drafted an FIR for me (kindly note their change in address). Following your advice to not go directly to the police for fear of being intimidated, the plan was for the statement to be sent by registered post once out of the country. Unfortunately, by the time the draft was complete, it was too late to book a flight for that night on line or over the telephone and it seemed unnecessarily stressful to go to the airport and risk there not being any availability.
Very few people know about my continued presence in Mumbai: the lawyers, Standard clothes shop in Santa Cruz, Air India and my current hotel. Others who know that my departure did not take place on time are the staff of the Sea Princess Hotel, the police at Santa Cruz/Juhu station and yourselves.
Imagine my surprise, therefore, to have just received two phone calls to my Indian cell phone as shown in the attached photograph. A single male voice delivered a non-stop stream of expletives such as “fuck you, go to hell, fucking bitch, fuck yourself, fuck your mother”. This call has put me once more in fear of my safety and so this email is sent to you and copied to the lawyers AS A MEASURE OF PRECAUTION.
Please call me (+91 8879042505) to acknowledge receipt of this email and accept my plea that you extend to me the full protection of Her Majesty’s Government. Obviously it is sensible for me to book on the earliest available flight and to avoid Air India. This will be done. Please request the appropriate agencies to seek the source of the phone calls and inform me so that retaliatory action (such as informing the public via targets the actual culprits rather than all the suspects. If you do not call by midday, this email will be automatically published on-line for my own protection.

Your kind understanding is deeply appreciated.

Dr Richard Luke MunisamyOn Saturday, May 4, 2013, priyam wrote:

Hi Richard,


Copy of the FIR attached for your reference.





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