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flag_burningYesterday the people whose national anthem is dedicated to a piece of coloured cloth, as opposed to God, a divinely appointed monarch or even an inspiring philosophy, celebrated 239 years of freedom from the oppressive, distant and often heartless rule by Westminster, heart of the once great British Empire. In fact their “star spangled banner” song vividly celebrates that terrible victory with lines such as “Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution.” And does indeed make reference to divine intervention: “Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation. Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, And this be our motto: ‘In God is our trust.'”

The events of recent days have revealed to the world that a new empire has arisen that is at least as heartless and oppressive as the British ever were. We sarcastically call it Pax Obama, alluding to Pax Romana, the militaristic peace the Roman Empire imposed on its subject citizens and slaves at its zenith during the first and second centuries AD. It is clearly a misnomer since the United States has not yet reached its apparent aim of global domination and continues to expand its network of about 1000 military bases in some 175 countries. It also perpetuates endless wars on ill-defined enemies such as drugs and terror in order to justify intervening in and therefore denying peace to the unfortunate people of any regime that dares to stand up to it. Unless of course, like North Korea that regime has a nuclear deterrent.

It is ironic and indeed laughable that the greatest empire the world has ever seen is blundering so badly in eliminating its latest arch enemy, Edward Snowden. If only his mother had named him David, for we are sure that the meme he has let loose in the world will eventually slay Goliath. The idea that is finally entering people’s brain-washed minds is that American Government has become Evil, although from the perspective of Native American Indians, it has always been this way.

On Tuesday, as Obama leaned on his vassal states in western Europe to force the President of Bolivia’s plane to land in Austria, where it was effectively strip-searched because there was a microscopic possibility that Snowden was on board, he revealed how powerful his Empire has become. How many independent sovereign nations are there left in the world? We must certainly exclude the UK, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, although French dignity did eventually force an apology from its foreign ministry.

Indeed, France is now calling for US-EU trade talks to be delayed because of Snowden’s revelations that the US military-industrial-spy complex is treating European countries, especially Germany, as badly as its “official” enemies: Iran and China. This puts a spanner in the works of the probable plan to create a new global currency by merging the failing dollar and euro before China backs the yuan with gold and steals the prized reserve currency status from the dollar, precipitating the collapse of the US currency and sending a tsunami through its domestic economy. How will the global economic elite respond to that?

We live in disturbing times, where the future of human civilisation has never been more in doubt. The world’s most powerful military empire is on the brink of financial collapse and there is every risk that it could abandon its mantra of free-trade and use its might in a last ditch attempt to preserve itself. We do see a path through the mined-field which we will expand on in the future. Essentially it requires the demilitarisation of the United States and preferably its dissolution with each state becoming a sovereign nation. The world needs to find new models of governance beyond the tyranny of the majority which we see after free and fair democratic elections in Turkey and Egypt.

Our vision is that a new civilisation will arise, replacing patriarchal power structures with organic webs of respectful relationships based on feminine – but not feminist – values. Our hope is that a new generation of young leaders will take us there. In terms of Jungian archetypes, we look forward to a society that embraces the spirit of Mariamman (literally Mother Mari or the Mother Goddess), replacing capitalism and conquest with caring communities and respect for Nature.